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Why Choose Timber?

There are many aspects to consider when choosing new windows and doors for a property. We have broken down just a few reasons why we think timber is the best choice for your next project.

Energy Efficient

Timber is naturally insulating, meaning it has an increased thermal efficiency. Our Flush Windows give an average U-Value of 1.3W/m²K. The Double Glazed units utillised in the manufacture of our Windows and Doors are Argon filled which can increase the energy rating by 30%. All of our products use Low-E glass which is designed to stop heat from escaping.


All Our Windows and Doors are manufactured using timbers sourced from certified suppliers giving peace of mind and assurance our products originate from responsibly managed and sustainable forests. The certifications are recognized throughout the timber industry providing added value to our products, giving them a verifiable social and environmental quality

Warranties & Guarantees

Douglas & Peters offer the following warranties, when maintained in accordance with our Aftercare guidelines (available in our Downloads section).

  • 30 years against fungal and rot on all external joinery components

  • 10 years on all factory finished windows and doors against manufacturing defects.

  • 10 years on factory glazed windows and doors.

  • 5 years on translucent factory finished items against flaking, cracking, blistering and erosion.

  • 5 years on furniture, locking mechanisms and all ancillary factory fitted furniture on windows and doors.

Cost Efffective

Whilst the initial cost of timber windows can be higher than other materials, the whole life cost which timber delivers in terms of maintenance, durability as well as the environmental impact, timber really represents great value for money. A further cost advantage to timber windows is the ability to repair, restore and re-decorate should the need arise. This coupled with the vastly greater life cycle, the timber option is the right choice.

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